The way you light the grill and when you start the iKamand is key for great temperature control. 

The iKamand supplies the oxygen needed to start your fire. This startup procedure may be different to your startup without the iKamand!

Vent Settings

Bottom Vent (Gen 1 iKamand without metal door)

Leave the slider completely open for all target pit temperatures.

Top Vent

Your top vent settings are important! Check out our guide for suggested top vent settings.

Gen 2

If you have iKamand Gen 2 with a door, you can remove the ash tray while cooking to ensure the door can open fully.

How to start your fire with the iKamand

  1. Add your fuel i.e. lump charcoal and wood
  2. Place 1 fire starter in the center of your coal and light it.
  3. Place some wood chunks or charcoal above the fire starter and wait 1-2 minutes until they start to char. 
  4. Add your deflector plates and racks.
  5. You can add your food now or when your grill reaches and settles at target pit temperature.
  6. Immediately start the iKamand and close the dome lid. Set your top vent. We recommend just past the first mark for low and slow cooks between 200-275°F / 90-135°C.

For temperatures above 350°F / 175°C, use two or three cubes/fire starters for a faster light-up.

Still having issues with temperature control?

  • Don't leave your dome open for too long. As soon as your wood chunks/charcoal become charred or just catch on fire, you can install your racks, start the iKamand and close the lid. This should only take 1-2 minutes.
  • Use one fire starter for Low N Slow cooks.
  • Make sure you use deflector plates or a heat barrier between the iKamand pit probe and your charcoal. Your pit probe should not be over direct heat.
  • Set your top vent as soon as you close the dome lid
  • Check out our suggested top vent settings
  • Add your food immediately after starting the fire or wait for it 

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