The iKamand is a WiFi-enabled smart grill controller that starts, stops, controls and monitors cooks in your kamado grill.


Smart temperature control and monitoring so you don't have to babysit your grill and your food can cook to perfection.

iOS and Android app

Accommodates up to 3 food probes and 1 pit probe. The unit comes with 1 pit probe and 1 food probe rated up to 600°F.

Easy to Use Connect your iKamand to the internet in a few simple steps and get started in a matter of seconds.

Manual Stoke Button Press one button to fire up your grill and stoke your coals with the 30 CFM fan.

Variable Speed Fan Control means you can maintain target temperatures to within a few degrees.

BBQ Feature controls temperatures between 150°F and 500°F. 

Grill Feature allows you to get your grill to even hotter temperatures and doesn't require any probes.

Recipes The iKamand mobile app includes step-by-step recipes prepared by Chef Eric Gephart that are guaranteed to be touchdowns every time. Recipes sync directly with your iKamand to control your grill accordingly.

Home Feed The iKamand mobile app includes a Home page filled with articles, videos, and visual content designed to elevate your Pitmaster skill level and keep you in the know about all things BBQ.

One Sleek Unit The fan, probes, and controls are all encased in one device designed to sit at the vent of your grill. 

Adaptors The iKamand comes with one adaptor that fits either your Big Joe (24") or Classic Joe (18") Ceramic Kamado Grill and you can select the adaptor when you order. You will soon be able to separately purchase adaptors for other grills.

Remote Start & Stop Start and Stop your grill remotely and directly from your phone. Once you have loaded your grill up with charcoal and lit a starter cube, there is no need to be near your iKamand.

Monitor Page Monitor and Control your pit and food temperatures from your phone or tablet. View graphs of your cooks and change target temperatures remotely.

Open Lid Maintain control of your pit temperature. The iKamand recognizes Open Lid events that could derail your temperature control and adjusts the fan speed to make sure you do not overshoot your target temperature.

Over-the-Air Updates. Click a button on the app to upgrade your iKamand and get the latest software features.

Power Glitch Safe Continues running at the saved Set temperature or in Grill mode when power returns after an outage.

Text Messages You can choose to receive text messages to any phone number notifying you:

  • When your food is ready.
  • If your grill overheats.
  • If the grill temperature is too low.

Notifications and Alarms Get notified on your mobile device:

  • When your food is ready.
  • When your grill is ready (reaches target temperature).
  • If your grill temperature is low or too high.
  • When a new update is available and when your update finished.
  • And everything else you need to know about what's going on with your grill.