In circumstances where a WiFi connection in unavailable, it is possible to connect your iKamand to your mobile hotspot. 

You will need a password on your personal hotspot in order to use it with the iKamand. Make sure your have your mobile phone personal hotspot name and password on hand.

To find your personal hotspot name and password, go to your phone Settings → Personal Hotspot  to find the details.

Connecting your iKamand to your hotspot

  1. When you first sign up, you will have an opportunity to connect your iKamand to your account. If you don't connect immediately, you can connect later by clicking the Connect Now button or adding a device from the Devices page.

    • To get to the Devices page, navigate to Cook -> Kamado Icon in the top right, press the + button to add a new device

  2. If you have an iKamand linked to your account and want to change its WiFi settings or the user it is linked to, navigate to Cook -> Kamado Icon in the top right --> Swipe left on your device --> Press Wi-Fi

  3. Connecting to the iKamand:

    1. Make a note of your mobile hotspot WiFi name and password.

    2. Turn your iKamand on.

    3. Hold onto the button on the left side of the iKamand until it starts to flash. This will put your iKamand into Connect Mode. The LED will flash dark blue and the iKamand will create an iKamand WiFi network.

    4. Connect to the iKamand network in your phone by going to your phone Settings → WiFi  and connecting to the iKamand WiFi network which will look like “iKAMAND-xxxx”.

    5. Return to the iKamand app and enter your hotspot WiFi network name and password. Enter the spaces, punctuation as appears for your hotspot. The name and password are both case-sensitive and the iKamand will not connect to a WiFi without a password.
    6. Submit the credentials to the iKamand.
    7. Once the iKamand LED starts rapidly  flashing blue, return to Settings → WiFi  and immediately disconnect from the iKamand WiFi network.
    8. Then go to Settings → Personal Hotspot and make sure your hotspot is turned on again.
    9. Your iKamand LED will flash blue then go solid blue signifying that it is connected to the internet. After 20-30 seconds your app will update.

If your iKamand LED does not go solid blue or you don't see your iKamand on your app account, see Troubleshooting and WiFi connection issues for help connecting your iKamand to the internet.