Your LED may slowly blink blue or green while in use or you may get repeated disconnected notifications while cooking. 

A few disconnections are fine and will not interrupt the performance of your iKamand. Your iKamand will continue to cook and attempt to regain connection to the internet. If you get an extreme amount of notifications or your iKamand is unable to connect for long periods of time, there may be another issue. You may need to restart your iKamand.

Common causes:

Update your iKamand to the latest version! Each version of the iKamand has improved stability. Go to Devices (Kamado icon in the top right) and if you're not cooking, press update.

Distance between your iKamand and your WiFi Router

Your iKamand should be within 30 ft of your router. Bring your iKamand closer to your home or use a WiFi range extender.

Check the WiFi signal strength (RSSI) on your iKamand

You may have poor WiFi strength on your iKamand. You can check the RSSI by going to Devices (Kamado icon in the top right) and look at the RSSI i.e. -55 db. A great RSSI is between 0 and -50db.

Quick Tips for Handling Wireless Interference

  • Enable channel auto-switching on your router
  • If possible, move your wireless access point/router
  • If possible, move your iKamand closer to your access point/router
  • Unplug other electronics that may be interfering with your connection
  • Install a range-extender or repeater

Competing WiFi Signals

If there are many WiFi networks around you they may be on the same channel as your own WiFi network. To resolve this, move your iKamand nearer the router or use a WiFi extender.

Competing Devices on your WiFi

If you have many devices connected to your WiFi router, the iKamand may lose connection. Reduce the amount of devices on your WiFi router or use an additional router. 

Thick or Metallic Walls Between your iKamand and the Router

If your iKamand and router are separated by thick walls or metallic walls, this may result in frequent disconnects or slow connection speeds and responsiveness. Bring your iKamand closer or move it away from the area with thick walls.

Restart your iKamand

  • Try restarting your iKamand device if it is unable to connect for long periods of time. Close and reopen the app to make sure

Your internet connection may be down or have briefly gone down.

  • If you previously connected your iKamand to the internet and the internet connection goes down, after making several attempts to connect to the internet, the iKamand may stop making attempts. You may see a turquoise/teal light on the iKamand or slow blue flashing. If this happens, restart your iKamand. 
  • Check that your internet connection works by using your phone to connect to the same WiFi that your iKamand is on.
  • Try restarting your router and then restarting your iKamand
  • Your router may have changed credentials in which case you will need to give your iKamand WiFi credentials again. Navigate to Devices (Kamado icon in the top right) -> Swipe left on your device and press Change WiFi. 

If the issue persists, make a ticket here or email and we will be in touch to help.