The app should show the latest state of the iKamand. 

When the iKamand is connected to the internet, its LED will be solid dark blue or solid green. If your iKamand LED is blinking or teal, it is not connected to the internet or may have poor internet connection.

If your app isn't showing the correct state of the iKamand:

  • Refresh your app by pulling down at the home screen to see the latest status of your iKamand.
  • Close the app and reopen the app

Is your iKamand still connected?

  • Your iKamand is only connected to the internet when the LED is solid dark blue. If your iKamand is solid teal, it may need to be connected again. See Connecting to the iKamand for more detail.
  • Make sure your iKamand is plugged in and near your WiFi router. It must be within 30 ft of your WiFi router to work.
  • Check that other devices connected to your WiFi router have connection to the internet

Is your iKamand updating?

  • If your iKamand is updating, the iKamand will be offline. The LED will flash teal during this process then will turn off for 2-5 minutes.

If the issue persists, try the following:

  • Connect your iKamand to WiFi again by going to Devices (Kamado icon in the top right of Cook tab) -> Swipe left on the device -> Press WiFi
  • Unplug and plug your iKamand back in. Wait 5 minutes and refresh your app, then check the app again.
  • If problems still persist, contact Kamado Joe Customer Support.