You can control multiple iKamands from the iKamand app and use them to fire up or barbecue in different grills at the same time. The Devices is where you can get all the information about your iKamands, add iKamands or change settings. 

Adding an iKamand to your account

  • In the iKamand app, navigate to Devices (Kamado icon in the top right of Cook tab) -> Swipe left on the device -> Press WiFi and press the plus button to connect another iKamand to the internet.

  • After you connect the iKamand to the internet, it will be assigned to your account. 

  • Toggle between devices by selecting the check mark on the Devices page to make a different iKamand active.

Removing your iKamand from your account

  • You cannot remove your iKamand from your account. If you delete your account and create a new one, the iKamand will be removed from your account.

  • Only one user can own an iKamand at one time:

  • If another user connects to your iKamand, it will be removed from your account. Your past barbecues will still be displayed on the homepage even if another user registers with the iKamand.