Temperature Probes

  • The iKamand RTD temperature probes support temperatures from 32 F to 650 degF (0-343 degC). The probes have an accuracy of +/- 1.5 degC.

  • Your fan will stop if the temperature exceeds 570/300 degC. 

  • The iKamand RTD probes are specially made for the iKamand and gold plated. If you use other probes, you will get inaccurate temperature readings.


  • 30 CFM 12 V

WiFi Module

  • The iKamand operates at the 2.4Ghz WiFi frequency band. It is not compatible with 5Ghz WiFi networks.
  • The iKamand has a 30 - 50 ft WiFi connection range depending on the strength of your WiFi signal. Use a WiFi extender if your iKamand is regularly dropping internet connection.

Power Cable

  • 12 V power adaptor. 'N' Style Plug

Looking to use a battery adaptor?

  • You need a 2 amp, 12V power supply with an “N” style plug.