The iKamand is a smart grill controller created by Kamado Joe in partnership with Desora.


Where can I buy the iKamand?

  • The iKamand is available for sale in the US and Canada. 
  • It will be available in Europe in February 2019

Can I monitor my temperature if I'm not at home?

  • Yes, the iKamand connects to the internet allowing you to monitor and even change all temperatures remotely. You can also remotely start and stop your cook from your mobile device or internet-connected tablet.

Can I use the iKamand without Wi-Fi?

  • Your iKamand must be connected to the internet in order to function properly. You can use your Wi-Fi router or your phone's or tablet's personal hotspot. To use your personal hotspot input the credentials in the connect process then and only then go to settings and turn on your personal hotspot.
  • If you're in an area with no Wi-Fi network, you can still use your iKamand if you connect it to your personal hotspot.
  • If you're in an area with poor internet or cell connection, you may need an additional router or Wi-Fi extender to use your iKamand.
  • If you don't have internet access at all, be it through personal hotspot or a Wi-Fi network, there's a manual button which you can use to start the iKamand fan for 10 minutes

How do I connect my iKamand to the internet?

Does the iKamand work using bluetooth or Wi-Fi functionality?

  • The iKamand uses Wi-Fi to allow you to use it remotely. It may support Bluetooth in the future.

What size grill does the iKamand fit?

  • The iKamand fits Kamado Joe grills, specifically the Big Joe and Classic Joe. 

  • The iKamand kit includes one adaptor depending on the grill type selected during purchase.

  • Soon, you will be able to buy a separate adaptor for the Big Joe, Classic Joe.

  • The iKamand can control the temperature in other ceramic grills and adaptors for other types of kamados will be available soon.

What temperature range can the iKamand control?

  • The iKamand can control between 150°F/ 66°C to 500°F/ 260°C. The temperature probes are rated for a maximum of 600°F.

Can I register one iKamand on two phones/devices?

  • You can use the iKamand on multiple phones/devices, however, you must be logged into the same account. You can transfer ownership to another account by going through the Connect process on the new account you wish to transfer the device to.

Can I control multiple iKamands from my account?

  • Yes, you can control multiple iKamands from the same account on the same device (phone or tablet). You can add as many iKamand devices to a single account as you want.

Can I monitor the iKamand from multiple mobile devices?

  • Yes, you can as long as they are logged into the same account. You may see some lags if you change target temperatures or add a food. The best way to resolve that is to close and reopen the app.

Can I create an account on Google, FB etc.?

  • You can create an account on Google, Facebook or use the native iKamand login. However email addresses must be unique. If you use a certain email for Google, you will not be able to create an account with the same email on Facebook unless you delete the iKamand account with the google sign up.

How do I restart or reset the iKamand?

  • To restart the iKamand: unplug the iKamand, leave unplugged for 5 seconds then plug it back in. 

  • To reset or change the iKamand Wi-Fi settings, navigate to Devices (Kamado icon in the top right) → Swipe left and press Change WiFi.

My grill temp is different from my dome temp. Is this a problem?

  • The temperature reading at the grill plate may be different from the dome temp because they are in different locations and the grill plate is closer to the fire or above a deflector.

    • Keep your probe on the grill plate at least 2-3 inches away from your food. This temperature is the temperature your food is cooking at and is most accurate.

    • Over the course of your cook, your grill temp and dome temp should equalize. This may take a few hours. You may need to shut your top vent very slightly to encourage the iKamand fan to run and circulate air in your pit.
    • If you're using deflectors to cook, make sure the probe is above a deflector and is not above direct heat.
    • If you still want your grill and dome temp to agree, hang the iKamand pit probe through the top vent around the same location as the dome thermometer.

Is my iKamand waterproof?

  • The iKamand has water proof coating on the major electronic parts to prevent weather damage or moisture damage. It is waterproof but will not withstand submerging in water or extreme weather conditions. We also recommend storing it in its waterproof case when not in use.

  • The waterproof coating prevents water damage in the power and probe ports. If your rubber port coverings are loose, your iKamand should still be able to withstand light water exposure. 

  • You may see condensation or liquid/water droplets on your iKamand after a "Low and Slow" cook. Wipe your iKamand down and leave to dry before using again.

How should I store my iKamand?

  • Wipe your iKamand down and store in the waterproof case provided with your purchase.

Is there an Apple Watch app for the iKamand?

  • There is currently no Apple Watch app for the iKamand. 

Is there a warranty?

  • The iKamand is created by Kamado Joe and maintains our standard of customer service, warranty and support. 
    • There is a one-year limited warranty on the iKamand.
    • Six-month warranty on iKamand temperature probes, excluding damage from high heat exposure outside operating temps (a maximum of 600 °F).
    • More information will be available on

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