The top vent setting is key for great temperature control with the iKamand!

Recommended Vent Settings in all Kamado Joe Grills

Low N Slow 150-275°F

Halfway between the first line and the second line

Medium 275 - 400°F

At the second line

High 400-500°F

Between the second and third line

Alternative Vent Settings

For hotter weather or if the above settings aren't working for you

All these settings are between the end of the daisy wheel of a Kamado Joe and the first line of the wheel.

Low N Slow 150-275°F

of the way between the opening and the first line

Medium 275 - 400°F

2⁄3 of the way between the opening and the first line

High 400-500°F

Just before the first line

Still having issues with temperature control?

  • Check out our guide on how to start your fire
  • Set your top vent as soon as you close the lid and start the iKamand.
  • Remove your ashtray to ensure the door on your iKamand can open fully
  • Try the alternative vent settings and make the top vent opening smaller if you experience overshoots
  • Change your top vent when you change the target pit temperature dramatically

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