The iKamand should control your pit temperature to within +/- 5 degrees fahrenheit. The temperature control is calibrated for ceramic grills of almost all shapes and sizes.

The top vent setting is key for great temperature control with the iKamand!

Check out our guide on how to start your fire.

Check out our guide on how to set your top vent.

If you have a Gen 1 iKamand without a metal door, keep the bottom vent completely open. 


Is the temperature control calibrated for different size grills or smokers? Will the iKamand control the temperature in my grill?

  • The iKamand will control the temperature in ceramic grill and smokers with brands including:

    • Kamado Joe 

      • Classic

      • Big Joe

      • Joe Jr

      • Pro Joe

    • Big Green Egg, Primo Oval, Vision Grills, and other ceramic Kamado grills 

I have a different kamado grill or smoker. How do I use the iKamand?

  • The adaptor is made to fit a Kamado Joe Classic Joe size vent and other adaptors are sold separately. Use the adaptors to fit your iKamand to the inlet vent of your Kamado grill. Currently there is an alternative Big Joe adaptor and a Joe Jr adaptor will be created soon