My fan keeps running

  • If your fan keeps running, you may have accidentally entered Manual Stoke Mode. Rry pressing the button on your iKamand for 1 second again to end Manual Stoke Mode. Your fan should stop running within 5 minutes.

  • If your fan keeps running, you may have a Grill or BBQ mode running from the app. Check Grill and BBQ tabs on your app to make sure your iKamand isn’t active.

My fan won’t start Manual Stoke Mode

  • If your fan doesn’t start running in Manual Stoke Mode, try pressing the button on your iKamand for 1 second again.

  • Make sure your iKamand is connected to power and the LED is on.

Fan stopped while in Grill or BBQ mode

  • The temperature control your iKamand uses takes your iKamand closer to the set temperature. When your pit approaches your target pit temperature, the fan will slow down to prevent overshoot. This may explain why your fan is off. Set a higher target temperature in BBQ Mode if you want your fan to continue to drive up temperature.

  • The max temperature rating of the iKamand temperature probes is 750 degF/400 degC. To prevent overheating, or damage to your probes and to ensure safety, if the temperature in your pit exceeds 570 degF/300 degC, the fan will stop running in your iKamand.

  • If your lid is opened during BBQ Mode, your iKamand may go into Open Lid mode, and the fan will stop running until the temperature stabilizes. This prevents your grill from overheating while your lid is opened. The temperature stabilization can take 5-10 minutes. If your pit temperature continues to drop after ten minutes, open your vents or increase the target pit temperature.

  • Your fan may stop running if you go into Connect Mode while doing a BBQ or Grill. Leave Connect Mode to resume fan activity.

  • If none of these steps work and your fan continuously stops or pulses, contact Kamado Joe Customer Support.