You will need to change your iKamand WiFi credentials if you do any of the following:

  • Change your WiFi password 
  • Change your router or router name
  • Want to change the WiFi your iKamand is connected to
  • Give your iKamand the wrong WiFi credentials
  • Connect your iKamand to a hotspot that is turned off

To connect your iKamand to the internet again, navigate to Devices (Kamado icon in the top right of Cook tab) -> Swipe left on the device -> Press WiFi in the app to provide new WiFi credentials.

Changing the WiFi credentials on your iKamand

  1. Hold onto the button on the left side of the iKamand for 8 seconds. This will put your iKamand into Connect Mode. The LED will flash dark blue and the iKamand will create an iKamand WiFi network. If the fan starts running, you have entered Manual Stoke mode, running your fan at 100%. Press the button briefly again to end Manual Stoke mode, then press for a long period of time (10 seconds) making sure 

  2. Connect to the iKamand network in your phone by going to Settings → WiFi →  and connecting to your iKamand WiFi network i.e. “iKAMAND-ca0a”.

  3. Return to the iKamand app and enter your local WiFi network name and password. Enter the spaces, punctuation as appears for your local WiFi. The name and password are both case-sensitive and the iKamand will not connect to a WiFi without a password.

  4. Your iKamand LED will flash teal then go solid blue signifying that it is connected to the internet.