iKamand App updates happen automatically. You can check your app version by going to Profile and scrolling down.

You typically don't need to go to the App Store or Google Play Store in order to update the iKamand app. Just close and reopen the app to see the latest version.

iKamand App V3.3.6 released December 2nd 2019 

  • iKamand Instruction Section
  • Total Ratings number displayed on recipe page

iKamand Web Portal released November 25th 2019

  • Share cook from the web portal
  • Fix for bug where cook notes wouldn't be visible after logging out and in

iKamand App V3.3.5 released November 12th 2019 

  • New recipe design
  • Rate iKamand recipes and see the average rating
  • Fix for bug seeing likes on recipes after searching
  • Changes to Recipe Search categories
  • Fix for Total Hours statistic in History
  • Added Nov 19th: Fix for bug resuming fan control when lid is open

iKamand App V3.3.4 released November 4th 2019 

  • Share your cooks from the iKamand app
  • New onboarding experience
  • Use the iKamand app without signing in
  • Fix for being logged out periodically from the iKamand app
  • New filters to search through 140+ recipes on the iKamand app
  • Kamado Joe Store redesign
    • Search by your Kamado Joe Grill size
  • Fix for slow loading after navigating to the store
  • Fix for issues scrolling on recipes, searching and filtering

iKamand App V3.2.3 released October 15th 2019 

  • Check out myikamand.com to see your cook on the iKamand website
  • Fix for crashing on some phones after the iOS 13 upgrade
  • Fix for hidden Stop iKamand button for users with large text sizes
  • Fix for graph axis updating at beginning of cook
  • Improvement to like recipes functionality so that you can like and unlike recipes quickly
  • Out of stock items updated in the Kamado Joe Store

iKamand App V3.1.5 released September 25th 2019 

  • Like a recipe from the individual recipe
  • Fix for some liked recipes not showing in the 'Saved Recipes' list
  • Fix for allowing push notifications on certain iOS phones
  • Fix for resuming fan after entering open lid mode
  • Fix for bug making purchases in the store
  • Toggle graph plots by pressing the value

iKamand App V3.1.3 released September 19th 2019 

This update includes some general speed and performance updates as well as exciting new features for iKamand app users. Please download the app in the Play/App Store. If you update your iPhone/iPad to iOS 13, you should update and follow our guide here: https://ikamand.freshdesk.com/en/support/solutions/articles/36000184949-ios-13-update-using-the-ikamand-app-on-iphone-ipad if you have any issue using the app.


  • Like button to save recipes and see how many people liked a recipe
  • New graph design
  • Join the FB user group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ikamand/
  • Updated look of the app on the Store and Explore tab

  • Click the device banner 'iKamand-abcd' to get to the devices page

  • Fix for bug deleting your cook history immediately after a cook finishes
  • Fix for long titles on recipes
  • No notification when you change your target pit temperature to a lower one

iKamand App V3.0.3 released July 9th 2019 

  • Android Update version with general speed and performance updates - Download App in Play Store!
  • Fix for bug where app is caught in mode after Fire It Up ends
  • Accepting WiFi names/SSIDs with 32 characters or less

iKamand Firmware V1.0.54 released July 8th 2019

  • Improved temperature control
  • Fix for Keep Warm mode bug in Direct AP cook mode

iKamand General Update July 1st 2019

  • Fix for occasional issue for some Wi-Fi routers where Low N Slow Mode doesn't display temperatures

iKamand App V3.0.2 released June 28th 2019

  • New recipes in Explore Tab
  • Fix for clicking products in the store on iOS
  • Fix for making purchases in store

(iOS) iKamand App V3.0.1 released June 6th 2019

  • General speed and performance updates - requires a download from the App Store


iKamand App V2.3.1 released May 16th 2019

  • Calibrate your temperature probes - go to devices and swipe left on your device
  • Resume the fan after device goes into "Lid Open Mode" when the lid is opened
  • Keep warm during Direct Mode
  • General improvements

iKamand Firmware V1.0.53 released May 15th 2019

  • Calibrate your temperature probes - go to devices and swipe left on your device
  • Resume the fan after device goes into "Lid Open Mode" when the lid is opened

iKamand App V2.3.0 released May 2nd 2019

  • **Direct Cook Mode - control your iKamand directly over WiFi**
  • Name your iKamand

iKamand App V2.2.9 released April 22nd 2019

  • New explore page on the iKamand app

iKamand App V2.2.8 released April 3rd 2019

  • Remove iKamand from account by sliding left on the device
  • Fix for Monitor mode display in Celsius

iKamand App V2.2.7 released March 21st 2019

  • Updated app design
  • Monitor Mode --> Use the iKamand as a Wireless WiFi Temperature monitor without fan control
  • Feedback portal

iKamand Firmware V1.0.52 released March 18th 2019

  • Improvement to temperature control

iKamand App V2.2.3 released Feb 7th 2019

  • Fix for bug where update didn't start alert would appear
  • General improvements, fixes, and UI changes

iKamand Firmware V1.0.49 released Feb 5th 2019

  • iKamand can accept longer Wi-Fi names (SSID)
  • LED starts flashing after a long button press for Setup Mode
  • Adjustment to temperature control. Keep your iKamand front vent fully open at all temperatures.

App Version 2.2.2 released Jan 22nd 2019

  • Go to Devices page to see your iKamand WiFI strength
  • Fixes and improvements for the graph and load time
  • New privacy policy for EU users

App Version 2.2.0 released Dec 11th 2018

  • Fix for changing password
  • Fix for open lid banner appearing on app
  • Improved unit conversions
  • Ability to cook with multiple iKamands at once
  • General improvements and UI changes

App Version 2.1.8 released Oct 24th 2018

  • Fixes and improvements for app speed
  • BBQ Mode redesign
  • New update progress bar - (iKamand firmware 1.0.48+)

App Version 2.1.7 released Oct 19th 2018 

  • IKMDCOAL coupon launch

iKamand Firmware V1.0.48 released October 17th 2018

  • General fixes and improvements

iKamand Firmware V1.0.47 released September 26th 2018

  • Improvements to the Open Lid algorithm

App Version 2.1.4 released Aug 29th 2018 

  • General fixes and improvements

iKamand Firmware V1.0.46 released August 24th 2018

  • Improvements to the Open Lid algorithm
  • 4 second button press for setup mode

App Version 2.1.3 released Aug 7th 2018 

  • Fix for bug where app displayed a frozen fan speed
  • WiFi list during iKamand Setup (Android + iOS)
  • In-App banner when Open Lid mode is triggered

App Version 2.1.1 released July 31st 2018 

  • Kamado Joe Store

iKamand Firmware V1.0.45 released July 30th 2018, full release August 1st 2018

  • Offline functionality - iKamand will continue Grill or Cook mode if it loses WiFI connection
  • iKamand will reconnect to WiFi if internet goes down for extended periods of time
  • WiFi SSID list displayed during Setup
  • Temperature publishing rate reduced

App Version 2.1.0 released July 21th 2018

  • Fix for bug with Google login
  • Removed error messages during iKamand setup

App Version 2.0.9 released July 17th 2018

  • Pit and food temperatures displayed while in Grill Mode
  • Mobile app validation of WiFi name and password credentials
  • Fix for displaying all recipes when scrolling down on Recipes page
  • Press grill recommended times to quick start Grill Mode
  • Share screenshot from iOS phone during Cook Mode
  • WiFi SSID list on iOS phones
  • Fix for bug ending grill mode

iKamand Firmware V1.0.44 released June 27th 2018

  • Temperature calibration for gold probe jacks - reported temperatures are corrected to be 5 °F / 3  °C higher 

App Version 2.0.8 released June 27th 2018

  • Changes to setting up the iKamand to make it easier, simpler and more successful
  • Change to setting up the iKamand where the available WiFi list is displayed. Only available with iKamand Version 1.0.45 and greater.

App Version 2.0.7 released June 20th 2018

  • Fix for bug where pressing Grill tab multiple times would remove the grill
  • Update available alert on homepage
  • Connect: No automatic capitalisation on password, capitalision on SSID
  • Help link on last page of Connect

App Version 2.0.6 released June 13th 2018

  • Fix for crashing on certain Android phones on the homepage
  • Improvement to make sure grill mode starts successfully
  • Improvement to make sure cook ends successfully and sends a message when it doesn't end.

App Version 2.0.5 released June 11th 2018

  • Fix for occasional bug starting grill - toggles back and forth between the select time and monitor grill page

iKamand Version 1.0.43 released April 26th 2018

  • Fix for bug when stoking while in Connect Mode and changing modes
  • 10 min stoke mode
  • Open lid algorithm change - better detection when cooking at low temps
  • Fixed bug when a probe is removed/plugged in causing temperature surges 
  • Fixed bug when updating during a cook if device disconnects mid cook
  • LED won’t be solid blue until the iKamand is connected to the internet - agreement with Connect Mode instructions 
  • New notification when iKamand probe is partially plugged in causing a short. 

iKamand Version 1.0.42

  • Fix for bug ending BBQ mode when iKamand turns off
  • Open Lid works at low temperatures, improved temperature control at low temperatures. 

iKamand App Update V2.0.4 released June 5th

  • Fix for bug where while in Cook mode, pressing the grill mode force quits the grill