During the update, your iKamand will download new software from the cloud, save the software and reboot. Your WiFi credentials will be saved in the iKamand. 

During the Update

  • Keep your iKamand on and connected to the internet during the update. It’s best to keep the iKamand near your router to speed up the update.

  • The iKamand LED will flash teal, then turn off, then turn on again.
  • If your iKamand turns off during the update, your update will stop and restart when the iKamand is turned back on.

  • If you’re using the iKamand in Grill, BBQ or Manual Stoke mode, your iKamand will start the update after the mode has finished. Leave your iKamand turned on to continue with the update.

  • You will be notified when the download starts and when the update is complete.

  • You don’t need to be near the iKamand during the update or keep your phone turned on or logged in the app. Once you click the update button, the iKamand will start updating on its own.